Student Life

ISCA strives to maintain a positive learning environment where all students embrace a commitment to love one another and in which holistic, transformative learning can take place. This is only possible when students interact with one another within the iSCA Virtual Community. iSCA offers multiple ways for students to get involved!


Full-time students engage with their peers and teachers during daily synchronous homerooms that based on grade level and region. Students have opportunities to grow in their character development focused on the iSC 9 Qualities for Life.


iSCA is different from most online programs because all courses and programs offered through iSCA offer synchronous sessions in which students are able to connect with their peers and teachers.


iSCA endeavors to cultivate an active virtual community for students that goes beyond their virtual classrooms. Learn more about our upcoming events and clubs, organizations, and activtities.

We are committed to safe connections!

Learn more about our commitment to Child Safety and Protection.