In 2007, with curiosity and enthusiasm for international education, I joined Wuhan Yangtze International School. During these 14 years, I successively held positions as teaching assistant, Chinese teacher, head of the Chinese department, director of administrative office, and senior management of the school.

In the summer of 2019, I worked together with Dr. C.K. Tang, the founder of LDi, to create an online Chinese learning project for overseas Chinese children. We wanted to use modern science and technology to provide K-12 students with courses based on character education. In the summer of 2020, this project was incorporated into the iSC online Chinese school. Looking ahead, in the summer of 2021 the online Chinese and English projects will be merged, and a larger platform resource – iSC Academy – will be formally established, which will merge online and offline educational resources and strategies.

We will focus not only on the academic achievements of students, but also on character education, offering additional parent workshops and other activities. We will adhere to the new education reform, deepen the education field, and use the product style courses to water the lives of children and praise life! I look forward to working with you to help your children grow and shape the future!

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Mrs. Eva Liu
iSC Academy Principal of Chinese Programming

Program Overview

Chinese Language and Culture courses are offered to K-12 students who wish to learn more about Chinese culture and grow in their capacity to communicate in Chinese. Small classes allow for highly-personalized, standards-based learning experiences. Students join weekly regional synchronous sessions that fully immerse students in all four aspects of Chinese communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Courses are offered at all levels including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Native Chinese. Students are grouped based on region, ability, and grade level.



Varied levels allow for our teachers to meet their students where they are in their understanding of Chinese culture and language. All courses are designed to inspire students to persevere in their learning as they grow in their mastery of communication skills and appreciation of Chinese culture. Read more about our course levels below.


Our Chinese instructors are certified teachers with vast experience teaching students of diverse backgrounds. As they've grown in their teaching practices, they have adopted a value-based philosophy of education. Learn more about our team here.


Chinese people celebrate the great achievements of their heritage and marvel at the changes their miraculous nation has endured. Since the ancient dynasties, the Chinese language has served as a carrier of Chinese culture. By studying language and participating in cultural activities, students experience real Chinese culture and survey ancient China through modern China.

Course Descriptions


An introductory course taught to a beginner learning Chinese as a second language. Students will acquire some basic knowledge of Chinese characters, such as the strokes and strokers order. Pinyin will be taught as a tool to learn the spoken language. All of this will help students build a foundation for life-long Chinese learning. Through the year , students will be able to reach a basic level of conversational Chinese, develop an interest in Chinese characters, and learn to read simple nursery rhymes and poems in Pinyin. Furthermore, some Chinese cultural information will be provided, which will help the students gain a preliminary understanding of Chinese physical geography, social life, history and culture, in turn enhancing their enthusiasm to learn Chinese.


Intermediate Chinese is designed to help students develop their communicative competence in the four basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will learn basic vocabulary and sentence structure for use in essential everyday situations through various forms of oral practice, and they will be able to express themselves with appropriate words and phrases, read, and write short paragraphs. The course emphasizes the functional usage of Chinese language.


Advanced Chinese is designed to refine and further develop students’ capabilities in Chinese oral and formal written communication. Students will be able to express themselves with appropriate words and phrases, read, and write short paragraphs. In order to enrich students with an accumulation of Chinese language, some activities such as debating, reciting, discussing, and making surveys will be experienced in this course. Through a variety of teaching and learning activities, students will better understand Chinese culture, gain language sense, and improve their language abilities.


Native Chinese is a high-level class designed for those of native or near-native language ability. Students focus on literature, grammar, and writing. Students gain enhanced listening and reading comprehension, and achieve higher level in speaking and writing skills. Through texts from native curricular resources, modern Chinese literature, and authentic articles, students will be asked to express more refined thoughts, and to use sentences with complex structures.

Advanced Placement

From the AP Chinese Course and Exam Description, "the AP Chinese Language and Culture course in Mandarin Chinese emphasizes communication (understanding and being understood by others) by applying interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational skills in real-life situations. This includes vocabulary usage, language control, communication strategies, and cultural awareness. The AP Chinese Language and Culture course strives not to overemphasize
grammatical accuracy at the expense of communication. To best facilitate the study of language and culture, the
course is taught almost exclusively in Chinese. The AP Chinese Language and Culture course engages students in an exploration of culture in both contemporary and historical contexts. The course develops students’ awareness and appreciation of cultural products (e.g., tools, books, music, laws, conventions, institutions); practices (patterns of social interactions within a culture); and perspectives (values, attitudes, and assumptions)."

To learn more about iSCA's Advanced Placement program click here.


En Ze Wang (Student)

"My name is En Ze Wang and I am 11 years old this year. My hometown is in Shandong Province, China.

I am going back to China for a vacation with my family. After the holiday, I will return to Pakistan. I joined in the online Chinese program in 2020. Many children abroad don't have the opportunity of learning Chinese. When we heard of this program, my mother helped me to register, so I have the opportunity to learn Chinese.

I have learned about Chinese history and culture in my class. The most impressive lesson to me was 'Kuafu Chasing the Sun' and 'Old Things in the South of the City.' By studying Chinese, I have improved both in writing and reading. My class makes me happy, because my teacher is very funny and it is fun to be learn with peers. I hope to learn more in the future. Beause of this class, I have become more and more open and joyful.

Thank you teachers and classmates for accompanying me in my study and growth!"

Wan and Wan Wei Yu Xiang (students)

"Hello, everyone! We are Wan Yuxiang and Wan Wei. We are brothers living in Pakistan, and have been taking online Chinese classes for almost two years.

Over the past two years, we have learned to write Pinyin, polyphonic characters, figurative sentences, anthropomorphic sentences, abbreviated sentences, expanded sentences, to read texts and ancient poems, and bout traditional Chinese festivals and Chinese cultural knowledge.

Last year, when the Spring Festival was just around the corner, my teacher practiced a performance with us. First, each student in our class took turns to introduce the stories and customs of the New Year, and then the whole class practiced the 'Dragon Dance' together. On the day of the New Year's event, everyone wore red clothes. Every class prepared a performance. We watched the showcase together and cheered for our peers. The atmosphere was really like watching the Spring Festival Gala!

After participating in online learning, we have greatly improved our reading and writing abilities. Before attending the Chinese class, we only knew a few words, and we were not fluent in reading nor could we write much. Now we can read expressively and fluently, and write short essays. We hope to learn how to speak and read more expressively in Chinese and write about our lives in our journals.

We are very happy to join the online Chinese classes. Not only did we learn new knowledge and skills, we have also made many friends and teachers."

Ye Xiao Yu (Student)

"Hello everyone, my name is Ye Xiao Yu. I am 12 years old and live in Jordan. I started online Chinese learning in September, 2019. I learned about Chinese culture, reading, writing, idioms, etc., and many new words in class. What impressed me the most was when the teacher taught us to study and share the novel Childhood. This book is very interesting and I enjoyed reading it very much. I have improved in writing, communication, and reading. I have grown the most in my reading. I have a lot of expectations for writing in the future, too. I am very happy for taking the Chinese class. "

Chen Meng Xuan (Student)

"My name is Chen Meng Xuan. My parents gave this name to me before I was born. I am eleven years old this year, but I didn't attend school for an entire year, so I am now in Grade 4, not Grade 5. Now, I live in Afghanistan-a very poor country.

I started to participate in Mrs. Eva Liu's online Chinese class in September, 2019, and I studied with my classmates. I have learned a lot in Chinese class. For example, I can write more and more Chinese characters, and write them beautifully. And I also learned rhetoric techniques, such as personification sentences, metaphor sentences, parallel sentences, and so on. Also, my composition is improved a lot, too!

The most impressive class to me was when Ms. Wang let us play Kahoot to review for a text. I answered the most questions correctly, so Ms. Wang didn't require me to do homework! Then I won again and got another chance, twice in total! I still remember that one time in class, Ms. Wang taught us about the Laba Festival song: 'Don’t be greedy, kids, kids, it’s the New Year after Laba. Drink Laba porridge for a few days. It’s smashed for twenty-three, twenty-three sugar melon sticks, twenty-four sweeps. The house, twenty-five to make tofu, twenty-six to cook and boil meat, twenty-seven to kill chicken, twenty-eight to make noodles, twenty-nine to steam buns, and one night at thirty!' After participating in online Chinese learning, my Chinese characters and writing skills have been greatly improved, and I can now write simple diary entries. My literacy skills has also improved a lot, and I have learned some difficult words, such as: 眸、堤、霎、梗、雀、逊 etc.

I have also made many friends, and have even added some on WeChat. My Chinese has improved a lot, and I really feel that I am getting better and better!"

Xie Xin En(student)

"Hello everyone, my name is Ma Xin En. I am 10 years old and live in Pakistan. I have been taking online Chinese classes since November, 2019. I like this Chinese class very much, and I can’t wait to attend the class every time. One class, we learned about the Qiantang River Bridge. When the teacher told us to read the text aloud in sections, I felt like I was standing on the dam, looking at the magnificent scene in front of me, with the turbulent waves rushing towards me... Ah! The wall of water came, and my heart was beating fast with it. I feel that my writing skills have improved, and I have learned to use many different words to express the same meaning. This has broadened my thinking. For my future studies, I want to work harder and look forward to learning more, deeply understanding and experiencing the profoundness of Chinese culture. Our teachers are working very hard. Thank you all!"

Mrs. Wang (Parent)

"Our children’s education is undoubtedly a problem faced by those of us who are workers in foreign countries, especially in some countries that are not so peaceful. It is very difficult for our children to go to school, and it is even more difficult for them to learn Chinese.

We are eagerly looking up for this, hoping that someone will see the need in this area. Through online Chinese classes, children from different regions and countries have been able to gather together. Not only have they learned Chinese, but also learned about the long history, culture, customs and habits of our great motherland. Their reading and writing have improved as well. Most importantly, the children no longer feel alone.

We hope that the school will get better and better with Chinese, English, and mathematics. Our children can receive comprehensive education and equipment, not only in knowledge, but also in character. I would like to thank the teachers for their hard work."

Mrs. Yang( Parent)

"I am Lin Xuan Yang's mother. On August 31, 2020, Lin Xuan joined the fourth grade native language class of ISC Academy. When I saw the placement list, pressure immediately came to my heart because Lin Xuan only started learning Chinese for about half a year before that and he started from Pinyin, so his literacy was very low. I went to talk with the teacher to see if I can drop one level, but Lin Xuan insisted on being in the fourth grade. On the one hand, he had familiar classmates, and on the other hand, he was confident that he could keep up. At the time, Mrs. Liu and Ms. Wang suggested that he could try.

His Chinese learning is progressing. He still has a lot of room for growth, but during the process we have also witnessed his growth. He can actively complete the homework left by the teacher after class. He thought about giving up halfway, but he insisted on pushing forward. What's more valuable is his knowledge of Chinese. The enthusiasm for learning is getting greater and greater. At present, in the past few months when we returned to China, we have seen that because of the difference between the foreign and domestic education systems, his Chinese level cannot keep up with the domestic one, so we encourage our children to cherish such learning opportunities and hard-working and responsible teachers. Lin Xuan likes the lessons and games designed by the teacher very much. As parents, we sincerely thank the school and teachers. His growth cannot be separated from your hard work and dedication. Thank you! "

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